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Here 4U Notary


If you want to legalize your important writings, let Here 4U Notary get the job done.

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Legalize Your Documents, Anywhere You Are

Laniese Clayton, Notary Public

Notarizing a document provides authority and protection. It’s like swearing under oath in the court of law. If you want to legalize your important writings, let Here 4U Notary get the job done. I provide mobile notary, printing, fax, and other services to address all your needs. Contact me today in Southaven, Mississippi to schedule an appointment!

How I Started

Here 4U Notary is a home-based sole proprietorship. It’s a small business located in Southaven, Mississippi. My vision originated from myself being a hardworking wife and mother like most women, and spending more than 40 hours a week away from home at their full-time job and then coming home to another full time to take care of their family.


During the pandemic, a lot changed for me and my family. I went from having a job in the medical field (which I loved) for years, to becoming a stay-at-home wife and mom again. I voluntarily did this (what was I thinking? LOL) in hopes of keeping my family safe and healthy.

However, my whole household still ended up being infected by COVID-19. We are blessed to survive by God's grace and mercy. Staying home during quarantine made me put things in perspective. I realized that I’m still better off at home. Despite this, I need something to occupy my time (like my family wasn't enough).

Mission and Vision

Here 4U Notary started in January 2021. I knew that with a home-based business, I could be available before regular businesses opened up. And even after they close, I could be here for those who got off of work after business hours. I would be available when businesses close on weekends, especially on Sundays.

That’s how Here 4U Notary came about. I decided to add other services, including faxing, printing, copying, and scanning. Being a home-based business would also help others in the neighborhood who don’t have access to the services they need.

Helping others has always been what my life is about. So, the name of my business allows me to continue doing just that. My goal is to continue adding on to the services I provide with your help. I will continue lending a hand to others through a one-stop shop.

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